The teachers and staff at Churchland Primary and Intermediate are TOP notch! Our faculty and staff are committed to providing our students with an excellent, exciting, and engaging instructional experience.


Administrative Staff

Rosalyn Exum, Principal

Brian Liverman, Assistant Principal


Office Staff

Jan Westrom, Office Manager/Bookeeper

Sharon Williams, Office Clerk



F-1 Thelma Hayes

F-2 Blossom Hargrove

F-3 Ms. Hill

F-4 Wendy Fox



First Grade

E-3 Meagan Dail

E-2 Veronica Jones*

E-1 Roxanne Richardson

Second Grade

C-1 Tamar Madkins

C-2 Michele Falls

C-3 Terry Bane

C-4 Heather Jenkins


Third Grade

D-1 Nilsa Henley*

D-2 Eva Reid

D-3 Katrina Love


Fourth Grade

B-2 Yolanda McClain

B-3 Karen Butler-Cefalo

B-4 Jessica Benton


Fifth Grade

A-1 Crystal Speller

A-2 Gwendolyn Towe*

A-3 Gwendolyn Robinson

Sixth Grade

G-1 Laura McKinley

G-2 Nykia Monroe-Stephens*

G-3 Rebecca Kershaw



Encore Team

Art: Beverly Gray

Library: Mrs. Parker

PE: Kristal Randolph

Music: David Watson, III

Guidance: LaCretia White


Special Education

Jimmecca Gay-Harper

Martella Hawkins

Carrie Sherrod


Literacy Coaches

Jennifer Goodman-Hayes

Mary Whidbee


Math Specialist

Angela Phelps

Gifted and Talented

Kathryn Harvin

Instructional Assistants

Miriam Foster

Leslie Green

Javonka Morgan

Ms. Young 

Pat Van Sleet, Interpreter


Custodial Staff

Sylvia Hicks, Head Custodian

Ernest Smith


Cafeteria Staff

Deborah Goodwyn, Manager

Jacqueline Clark

Bertina Cross

Valerie Reid

Susan Ringer

Susie Woodley