The teachers and staff at Churchland Primary and Intermediate are TOP notch! Our faculty and staff are committed to providing our students with an excellent, exciting, and engaging instructional experience.


Administrative Staff

Mrs. Exum, Principal
Mr. Coleman, Assistant Principal

Office Staff

Ms. Morris, Office Manager/Bookeeper
Ms. Williams, Office Clerk


A-1  Ms. Hargrove
A-2  Ms. Mayes
A-3  Mrs. Fox

First Grade

B-1  Ms. Holloway
B-2  Mrs. Adams
B-3  Mrs. Jones

Second Grade

C-1  Ms. Madkins
C-2  Mrs. Hobson
C-3  Ms. Reid
C-3  Ms. Landy

Third Grade

D-1  Ms. Henley
D-2  Ms. Falls
D-3  Ms. Love
D-4  Ms. Williams

Fourth Grade

E-1  Ms. Goodman-Hayes
E-2  Ms. Edwards
E-3  Ms. Benton
E-4  Ms. Battle

Fifth Grade

F-1  Ms. Speller
F-2  Ms. Riddick
F-3  Mrs. Robinson

Fifth Grade

G-1  Ms. Bostick
G-2  Ms. O'Toole
G-3  Ms. Hood

Parent & Teacher Liason

Ms. Sanchez-Tiller



Ms. Gray - ART
Ms. White - GUIDANCE 
Ms. Parker - LIBRARY 
Mr. Watson - MUSIC  
Ms. Randolph - PE  

Special Education

Ms. Booth-Tates
Mrs. Davis
Mrs. Sherrod


Math Specialist

Ms. Phelps

Reading Interventionist

Ms. Fleming

Gifted & Talented

Ms. Christian

Speech & Hearing

Ms. Verma


Ms. Hicks (Head Custodian)
Ms. James (Lead Custodian)
Ms. Elliot
Mr. Clark

Instructional Assistants

Ms. Foster
Mr. Greene
Ms. Morgan
Ms. Williams (PALS)
Ms. Raynor (Kindergarten)

Cafeteria Staff

Ms. Goodwyn (Manager)
Ms. Williams (Monitor)
Ms. Cross
Ms. Clark
Ms. Reid
Ms. Todd
Ms. Dudley