June 2016  
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Churchland Primary and Intermediate School                  
5700 Hedgerow Lane   
Portsmouth, VA 23703    
Phone: 757-686-2519      
Fax:  757-686-2521


Vision Statement

The staff of Churchland Primary and Intermediate School believes that each child can learn and each child should be provided with an educational  program that will promote intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth and development.

We Believe...

  • Students must take advantage of every educational opportunity presented to them.

  • Students must maintain good attendance.

  • Students must respect themselves and others.

Our "Excellence" Motto:

"We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." (Aristotle)

The 3 R's for having a successful day!

We are..

  1. Ready
  2. Responsible
  3. Respectful      

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What's Happening?


Students will be SOL Testing on the following dates:

May 10- June 3, 2016

3rd Grade Reading, May 19/20 (Part 1 & Part  2)
3rd Grade Math, May 26/27 (Part 1 & Part  2)

6th Grade Reading, May 10
6th Grade Math, May 13

5th Grade Reading, May 11/12 (Part 1 & Part  2)
5th Grade Math, May 24/25 (Part 1 & Part  2)
5th Grade Science, June 2

4th Grade Reading, May 17/18 (Part 1 & Part  2)
4th Grade Math, May 31 (Part 1)
   June 1 (Part 2)
4th Virginia Studies, June 3

3rd Grade Reading, May 19/20 (Part 1 & Part  2)
3rd Grade Math, May 26/27 (Part 1 & Part  2)

Mrs. Rosalyn Exum, Principal

"Churchland Primary and Intermediate's administration and faculty are dedicated to three goals: learning, character building, and achieving a sense of self. These are the values that drive our school."

School Report Card

The Virginia Department of Education produces report cards that detail school performance based on student achievement data.  These indicators of school quality include SOL test results, and include state and Federal accreditation ratings.


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Congratulations to our
Churchland Primary 
Teacher of the Year 2015-16

Ms. Tamar Madkins
Grade 3 teacher 

We are so proud of you!